Great Britain


18 inches (46 cm)


35-50 lbs (16-22.5 kg)

Breed Profile:

Until 1892, both the English Cocker and the Field Spaniel were classified as "Field Spaniels," divided by weight. Field Spaniels under 25 lbs were considered Cockers and Field Spaniels over 25 lbs were considered Field. In 1892, the two became distinct breeds under their present names.

The Field Spaniel is an independent, intelligent, and easygoing dog. He is fairly active, playful, friendly, eager to please, and of typical Spaniel type. The Field is generally excellent with children and other animals, but can be reserved with strangers. Fields like to be kept busy and are commonly seen in the show ring, competing in obedience, agility, tracking, and hunting. They can also be seen working as Therapy dogs.

The Field Spaniel's coat is of medium-length, flat or slightly wavy, and sufficiently dense so as to be weather resistant. The coat is glossy and silky in texture, with setter-like feathering on the chest, belly and behind the legs. The most common colour is black, but can also be either liver, golden-liver, mahogany-red or roan, and may have tan markings.